Online Auction Live! – Ends 8/2/2017

NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE.  Pursuant to Chapter 59, Texas Property Code, Frontier Self Storage Center, Inc. which is located at 17560 US Highway 87 West, Adkins, Texas 78101 will hold an online public auction of property being sold to satisfy a landlord’s lien.  Go to to view units and bid. Online bidding will end at 11 AM (or shortly thereafter) on August 2nd, 2017.  Property will be sold to the highest bidder. Sales taxes will be charged. Seller reserves the right to not accept any bid and to withdraw property from sale. Property being sold includes contents in spaces of the tenants listed below, with a brief description of what the unit may contain following each name.

Unit# 73 Jeffery White – Boxes, chairs, bookcases, toys, household goods.

Unit# 102 John Grammer – Tables, chairs, lamps, miscellaneous items.

Unit# 107 Mary Hoffman – Household goods, chairs, boxes, mirror.

Unit# 170 Ginger Cole – Boxes, mattress, decorations.

Unit# 217 Bryan Houck – Bookcase, wine fridge, fishing and golf equipment, furniture.

Unit# 250 Mercy Keller – Baby toys, miscellaneous small items.

Unit# 267 Ashley Kleich – Boxes, miscellaneous household items.

Unit# 275 Meghan Phinney – Furniture, storage bins, small items.

Unit# 291 Michael Montgomery – TV, boxes, clothing, household items.

Unit# 297 James Reynolds – TV, dolly, household items, storage bins.

Unit# 326 Chris Tandy – Freezer, Metal rack, toys, TV, Washer.

Unit# 404 Veronica Mendoza – Children’s toys, teaching supplies.

Unit# 424 Jeffery White – Furniture, Mattresses, Clothing, hou sehold items.

Unit# 441 Charles Wootan – Tools, Dolly, Storage Bins, household items.

Unit# 448 Zachery Ritch – Chairs, tools, Furniture, clothes, ladder, small items.

Unit# 506 Brandon Harris – Lawn Mower, Washer and Dryer, Microwave, Furniture.

Unit# 565 Jack Vanzandt – Furniture, household goods, boxes, mattress.