Online Auction Live! Ends 7/6/2022

NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE.  Pursuant to Chapter 59, Texas Property Code, Frontier Self Storage Center, Inc. which is located at 17560 US Highway 87 West, Adkins, Texas 78101 will hold an online public auction of property being sold to satisfy a landlord’s lien.  Go to to view units and bid. Online bidding will end at 11 AM on July 6, 2022.  Property will be sold to the highest bidder. Sales taxes will be charged. Seller reserves the right to not accept any bid and to withdraw property from sale. Property being sold includes contents in spaces of the tenants listed below, with a brief description of what the unit may contain following each name.


Unit# 1 Robbin Brietzke – Table and chairs, dvd and stereo equipment, misc household items.


Unit# 31 Jody McDougald – washer, couch, bed frame


Unit# 35 Jerry Smith – misc automotive items, tv/monitor, Viking receiver mounted platform, speakers


Unit# 75 Troy Patrick – totes, couches, misc household goods


Unit# 130 Ernestina Chavarria – bed frame, washer, dryer, misc household items, totes, toys.


Unit# 137 James Hendershot – bed frame, tv, refrigerator, furniture


Unit# 142 David Hernandez – BBQ pit, decorations, microwave, baby items


Unit# 147 Tivi Rodriguez – Furniture, chairs, hutch


Unit# 156 Chelsea Mitchell – Household items and décor, filing cabinet, vacuum


Unit# 202 Noelle Cortez – dishwasher, totes, fishing poles, cushions, hall bench


Unit# 294 Ernest Gonzales – Tools, totes, misc items, wheeled work table


Unit# 331 Oscar Viramontes – Nordictrack treadmill, jack, camping items, totes


Unit# 361 Juan Tovar – tools, ladder, saw horses, lantern, buckets


Unit# 370 Halsey Hellmann — Stroller, Baby Items, Misc Boxes


Unit# 422 JB Mumme – deer mounts, saddle, suitcase


Unit# 440 Paul Ferry – Tires, wheels, misc items, Christmas, go-cart


Unit#484 Christopher Grubb – a/c gauges, gas can, misc shop items, baby seats/carriers, chain saw


Unit# 531 Kyleigh Blandford – Armoire, chair, vacuum, cow skull


Unit# 533 Brenda Oates – totes, chairs, deer mounts, antlers, 2 pianos, boxes, tool box


Unit# 544 Halsey Hellmann – Bed Frames, Cabinets, Desk, Cedar Chest, Misc Furniture, Spools


Unit# 555 Georgianna Galbraith – microwave, truck dash, saddle, misc items



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