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Frontier Self Storage / Frequently Asked Questions

New Tenant Questions

How do I rent a unit?

If you’re in the area, and are able to stop by our facility, our automated kiosk is open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. To begin, simply walk up to the kiosk and our virtual assistant, Megan, will guide you through the entire rental process.  Once the rental is completed on the kiosk, your gate code will be activated within minutes and you will be allowed into the facility (between our gate access hours from 6 AM to 10 PM).  For clients further away or who have not yet moved to the area, you are more than welcome to take advantage of our online rental system. This system will let you select the unit of your choosing, collect all your information, take payment via credit card for the pro-rated amount due for your first month,  and immediately rent the space to you and place it in your name. All you have to do when arriving at our facility for the first time is visit our automated kiosk to sign your lease and get your assigned gate code.

What types of payments are accepted?

Our kiosk will accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). Please note however, that the kiosk does not give change when making cash payments, and any excess cash will be applied to your account for future charges. Also, if you’re paying by check, no information needs to be written on the check, as it will be returned to you upon scanning and the payment will be processed electronically via ACH.

Is there a move-in fee?

Not at all.  All you pay upon completing your rental is the pro-rated amount for your first month rent. We do not charge any type of administrative, move-in, or lock fees when you begin your rental with our facility.

How does billing work?

When you move into your unit, your first month’s rent fee will be pro-rated until the 1st of the following month. Your future charges will then be due on a month-to-month basis until you move-out. As a courtesy, account statements are emailed to tenants on the first of the month (rent due date). No physical statements or invoices are mailed so we strongly encourage tenants to provide a valid email address when renting. You can make payments either at our 24/7 kiosk, by mail, by phone during normal business hours, or on our website at If you decide you no longer need your unit, simply be sure to remove all contents and the unit’s lock before the 1st of the following month. A “10-Day Move-Out Notice” form (as required by your lease) should be submitted to our office for notification of the intended move out. Please note that there are no pro-rations for the month in which you move out, so even if you occupied a unit for only a few days past the first of the month, the full month will still be charged.

What if I only need a storage unit for one month?

No problem! We lease our units on a month-to-month basis, so there are no commitments for a specific amount of time you need to keep your unit. You will be billed a pro-rated amount from the day you move in, until the first of the following month. As long as you complete your move out before the first of the following month, you won’t be billed again.

Can I pay my bills online?

Absolutely. Once you complete the rental process, you can use the assigned gate code and unit number to register on our website at You can then view your current balance, make one-time payments, and even setup automatic recurring payments through the website. Payments can be made online by credit card or with a checking account (e-Check transactions are processed electronically via ACH). Please note that if you wish to update your contact information, including your mailing address listed on your lease documents, a signed “Change of Address” form must be submitted to our office.

Can I use my own lock, or do I have to buy one?

You’re more than welcome to use your own lock at our facility. If you currently don’t have one, don’t worry! Our automated kiosk has the ability to sell and dispense locks any time day or night. (The kiosk sells a high quality shrouded round disc lock for $12 if you wish to purchase one). The locks are dispensed at the bottom of the kiosk where the word “Push” is located.

What hours can I access my belongings?

Gate access hours for our facility are from 6 AM to 10 PM daily. Businesses that need access outside of these hours may submit a written request to our office. Additionally our automated kiosk is available to use 24 / 7 for payments, and for tenants needing to rent additional units at any time.

How secure is the facility?

Our facility employs the use of over 40 high definition security cameras throughout the facility. Through the use of fiber optic cabling throughout the facility, superb picture quality is recorded 24/7 in the event video needs to be reviewed. Our computerized gate system also logs each individual tenant’s entry and exit into and out of the facility. The facility has over 90 LED light fixtures installed around the facility for optimal safety and security. In addition, the entire facility is surrounded by a 7 ft high chain link fence with barbed wire running along the top of all sections.

What is climate controlled storage?

Our climate controlled units maintain a temperature between 55 to 80 degrees and maintain a relatively lower humidity level within the building to help protect your belongings from the extreme temperatures here in Texas. You may wish to consider a climate-controlled unit if storing certain items such as books, wooden furniture, photographs, or other items sensitive to temperature extremes. Please also note that all climate controlled units are only accessible via an interior hallway corridor. These buildings include 5ft wide hallways and 4 ft access doors to allow easy movement of your belongings in and out of the building.

Do you offer tenant insurance?

Our facility does not take responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur to a tenants goods while in storage. We do offer a pay with rent insurance option with various coverage options. (Insurance offered through a third party provider) You may wish to consult with your local insurance agent about coverage options, especially since many homeowner’s policies typically include some type of self storage protection in the policy. Be sure to read your policy carefully and ensure you’re protected.

Are there certain items I cannot store?

As defined in Section 36, part A of the Texas Self Storage Association’s lease agreement that all tenants sign upon renting at our facility a tenant may NOT store any of the following:

(1) any living creature or organism, or any dead animal or other carcass;

(2) gasoline, oil, fuel, grease, anti-freeze, or flammable chemicals;

(3) explosives, fire works, or ammunition;

(4) corrosive, toxic, poisonous, or hazardous materials or waste;

(5) asbestos or asbestos-containing construction materials;

(6) lawn debris (grass clippings, brush etc.);

(7) construction debris, tires, oil, or batteries, whether new or used;

(8) items having a noxious smell in Lessor’s sole judgment;

(9) marijuana and/or controlled substances of any kind;

(10) prohibited weapons under the Texas Penal Code; or

(11) stolen property, and items illegal for self storage under any law.

Additionally, WITHOUT LESSOR’S PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT, Tenant may NOT store the following:

(1) anything with a fuel tank (vehicles, boats, motorcycles, mowers, etc.);

(2) gasoline cans or similar containers for combustible fuel;

(3) liquid propane tanks, oxygen tanks, or similar containers; or

(4) food, fertilizers, pesticides, or items which are wet and could mildew.

Can I store my vehicle in a storage unit?

Maybe. Please consult with the facility manager before renting the unit to be sure there is a spot suitable for the vehicle and that it is eligible for storage. Additional information must be provided prior to rental such as vehicle VIN numbers, license and registration details, title verification, and insurance information.



Existing Tenant Questions

How do I rent an additional unit?

It’s actually very easy to rent an additional unit once you already have one at our facility. Simply visit our kiosk anytime day or night, and touch the “Existing Customers” button on the touch screen. After logging in with your unit number and gate code, you’ll be brought to the payments screen and your current balance will be displayed. On the bottom left corner of the screen is a button labeled “More Options”. Simply tab this button, and select the “Rent an additional Unit” button. All your information will be pulled from your existing unit, and all you’ll have to do is choose your unit, sign, and pay the pro-rated amount for your first month.

Can I transfer to a different unit?

If you find you may have too much space, or not enough, it’s simple to transfer to another unit. Simply use our automated kiosk to rent the new unit (simply choose “Existing Customers”, then the “More Options” button to rent the additional unit), then once you’re done moving all your contents to the new unit, let us know, and we’ll transfer  your credit from the old unit to your new one.

I forgot my gate code!

No problem. You can use the automated kiosk to look-up your gate code any time day or night. Simply touch the screen and choose the “Existing Customer” button, enter your unit number and last four of your phone number on the account, and login. Once you reach the payment screen, choose the “More Options” button on the lower left corner, and click the button that says “View Gate Access Code”. This will display your current access code for the facility. (Keep in mind that if you have a balance on your account, this code may have been deactivated.)

What day is my rent payment due?

When you move into your unit, rental charges are pro-rated through the first of the following month. This makes your rent payment due on the first of every month. Customers with automatic payments setup on their account will see their credit card or bank account charged on this day. If payment is not received by the first, your gate code will be temporarily disabled until payment is made. Keep in mind you can pay any time at our automated kiosk to bring your account current and re-activate your gate code.

Is there a late fee if I don’t pay by the due date?

Yes, but there is a grace period. Although your payment is technically due on the first of every month, and your gate code is temporarily de-activated on the 2nd if payment has not been received at that time, we do not charge a late fee until the 16th of the month. If your payment has not been made by the 16th, a non-refundable $10 late fee will be added to your account. If payment is still not received by the first of the following month (30 days late), an over-lock will be placed on your unit, and an additional non-refundable $25 over-lock fee will be assessed.

I’m behind on my payments, will my belongings be auctioned off?

There is quite a lengthy process that has to take place in order for your belongings to go through the foreclosure process to be auctioned. In most cases, a unit will not be auctioned until no payments have been received for 3 or more months. You’ll receive several notices before this time via phone, e-mail, regular mail, as well as certified mail for the formal Notice of Claim documents. In addition to all of these actions, a Public Notice is published two to three weeks in the local newspaper before the scheduled auction date with a full listing of units being auctioned (including tenant name, unit number, and a brief description of the unit contents). Please be sure to keep your contact information up to date so we are able to contact you in case you accidentally get behind on payments.

I’m done with my unit, how do I move out?

The move out process is extremely simple. Because we bill month to month, you have paid until the end of the current month. After you have cleaned out your unit and ensured the unit is clean, simply remove the lock from the unit, and leave the door closed. We walk around the facility daily to check locks, and once we see your lock has been removed and the unit is cleaned and emptied, we’ll automatically move you out of the unit and mail you a move out receipt. At this point no further charges will be due, and your account will be cancelled.


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